- Optimize energy consumption (Fuel,Oil,Electricity,Water...).

- Strive to prevent and sensitize from accidental pollution risk.

- Manage waste and dischanges.

- Comply with laws and regulations.

- Minimize business operations impact on the environment.


During 50 years experience in geophysical domain, ENAGEO has many success stories in seismic acquisition, seismic processing, seismic interpretation, reservoir characterization, seismic well… lien


Pack Scincus Geophysical Software developped by ENAGEO’s R&D team:

- Scincus Log: Petrophysical software

- Scincus Rock: Geomechanical software

- Scincus LRS: Low Resistivity solution software

- Scincus SRC : Seismic Reservoir Characterization software

                              - Scincus SWS: Seismic Well Solution software

                              - Scincus Geologia: Dressing log, master log and hydrocarbon log


ENAGEO’s R&D team has deposed actually, five (05) patents for its solutions in geophysics:

- ENAGEO ADVANCE: First patent deposed on 2011 (WO2011144215 A3)

Harmonic Noise Reducing for High Productivity (Method for attenuating harmonic noise in vibroseis by means of referenced time-variant filtering).

- Turtuosity : Patent deposed on 2012 (WO 2013149623 A1)

Method to evaluate quantitatively fluid Tortuosity, solid & fluids characteristics in a heterogeneous reservoir

- Porosity : Patent deposed on 2014

Method for quantitative estimation of porosity from the acoustic impedances of the longitudinal Ip and transversal waves Is in tight reservoir

- Vshale: Patent deposed on 2015

New Model for shale volume estimation in shale sandstone reservoir

- TOC : Patent deposed on 2017

New Model for Total Organic Carbon estimation