Chairman Latter   

Following our strategy of “Innovation, Integration, Intensive Management, Research and Development to satisfy Customer request”, ENAGEO has been, over the past decade successful and one of the best African geophysical company. With expert in the field, experienced employees, updated equipment and technologies, ENAGEO is leading in the domestic business and has also fingerprint in neighboring countries in the geophysical exploration field.


One of the important ENAGEO’s objectives is to be an international leading company in geophysical exploration field. For this, ENAGEO has intensified research and development teams, it has also integrated to assets, the software development. All that, without forgetting to continue working hard and realizing new performance.

Being an international leader is synonymous of being “Integrate, Efficient, Operative, Safe, and Honest, etc.” ENAGEO’s culture is based on “performance and know-how”, so, we always pursue this strategy to further improve our competitive strengths and expand our worldwide business.


To be innovative is to always satisfy client request. ENAGEO has exclusive solutions in reservoir just for you.