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ENAGEO ADVANCE: Method for attenuating harmonic noise in

Vibroseis by means of referenced time-variant filtering

The invention relates to a method for improving the quality of vibroseismic data, particularly

Vibroseismic data acquired in slip-sweep mode, by estimation and attenuation of the different harmonic components. Said components are estimated from the Ground-Force signal using a separation technique with two options, namely least squares or time-frequency, both of which are adapted to the component to be extracted, and the noise is subdivided into classes.

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The harmonics specific to the recording in question are calculated and subtracted. Finally, the reference noises relative to each class are calculated and re-estimated using a multiple input/output method with dynamic management of the frequency band, which can be achieved using one of three options: global, cascade or multi-reference, followed by subtraction from the contaminated recording. The data quality is improved by means of appropriate source signal shaping.