Why Join Us   


Why join ENAGEO:


Main actor in the oil chain, ENAGEO, is often considered as a school, which provides stability and job security. It offers, also, to its staff the opportunity to grow into responsible positions whether by training field especially through the exchange of experience between senior and junior or through continuing education in National and International organizations of company's core business.

In addition to the support of business, ENAGEO offers the opportunity to work on field (acquisition and pre-processing), in computer centers (processing and interpretation) or even at research and development.

Health is a major concern of ENAGEO. In each site, each place where it works, it camp has a clinic with material and medical human resources. Also, ENAGEO has medical service agreements at national level to support all of its workers and their families.


Regarding the social and cultural activities:


In addition to the agreements with holiday centers, ENAGEO supports much of the holiday expenses, recreational and socio-cultural activity of its workers, and a large part of the insurance costs of private vehicles of its employees.