ENAGEO is subsidiary of Sonatrach Group, created in 1981 after merging with:

  • ALGEO: Joint Venture between Sonatrach (Algerian National Company of Hydrocarbon) and TELEDYNE (American geophysical company) created on 1967.
  • Geophysical and topographical directions of Sonatrach.

The company’s headquarter is located in Hassi-Messaoud city, about 800 Km south-east of Algiers.

The main activities of ENAGEO are:

  • Land Seismic Acquisition: 2D and 3D
  • Seismic Processing: 2D, 3D
  • Seismic Interpretation: 2D, 3D, Seismic attributes
  • Conventional Reservoir Characterization: seismic inversions, AVO/AVA analysis, petrophysical analysis, lithology discrimination, hydrocarbon saturation, reservoir quality
  • Unconventional Reservoir: tight gas (fracture study, deterministic porosity model, hydrocarbon saturation), shale gas/oil reservoir (sweep spot identification, geomechanic study)
  • Hydraulic Drilling
  •  Topographical Survey
  • Geotechnical Studies
  • Applied Geophysics
Enageo's Image

ENAGEO has currently 15 land seismic crews, 08 hydraulic drilling machines (over than 800 meters), 03 VSP crews. We have operating in more than 08 countries on 02 different continents. We are able to operate in hard conditions such as:

  • Reg
  • Erg
  • Mountain
  • Urban zone

Most important clients of ENAGEO: Sonatrach, Total, Repsol, Anadarko, BP, Exxon, Eni, Agip, Statoil, Bhp Belliton, Dragon Oil…
Actually, ENAGEO has four (04) patents in geophysical exploration and Development field:

  • ENAGEO ADVANCE: Harmonic noise reducing for high productivity (method for attenuating harmonic noise in vibroseis by means of referenced time variant filtering)
  • Tortuosity: method to evaluate quantitatively fluid tortuosity, solid and fluids characteristics in heterogeneous reservoir
  • Porosity: method for quantitative estimation of porosity from the acoustic impedances of the longitudinal Ip and transversal wave Is in tight reservoir
  • Vshale: new model for shale estimation in shale sandstone reservoir.