Seismic well   


Seismic well was introduced in 1989 (zero offset).
ENAGEO has two (02) recording system Geochain 4 levels (AVALON SCIENCES) and (SERCEL with 6 levels). Another recording system will be received by the beginning of 2016 (SERCEL with 6 levels). We have to add that we also measure the Natural Gamma Ray in field.

          - The First Zero Offset was in 1989
          - In 2002, we did the VSP Offset
          - In 2011, the VSP Above (for deviated well)
          - In 2012 we did the VSP Walk Away
          - We have technology and material to do the VSP Walk Arround.



A preliminary data processing can be carried out on field using the software VSPROWESS, and the final processing is done using the software Promax VSP and/or Vista VSP in the processing center (Algiers or Boumerdes) or in the Hassi-Messaoud office.

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