Seismic Aquisition   

During the last ten years, ENAGEO carried out around … 2D & 3D seismic studies for Sonatrach & its Associates. It correspond to 94,000 Km for 2D studies and 85,000 Km² for 3D studies.

E.NA.GEO has fifteen (15) operational crews equipped with:

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- Telemetric Recording system 24 bit:


·       Sercel System 408 CMXL can record to 8 000 channels, 2D/3D seismic.

·       Sercel System 428 Xl up to 10 000 channels 2D/3D seismic

·       Inova Sytem Scorpion can record until 5000 channels 2D/3D seismic


- Cable less Recording system RAU-ex 24 bit:


·       Sercel sytem Unite: can record up to 10000 channels 2D/3D seismic.

All the recording system herein operates under the UNIX RHEL version V5 up 4 and recently the newer 5 up 8, exception of system Scorpion, its use the Windows Operating System.


- Refraction and Up Hole system 24 channels:


·       Geode 3000 and StrataVisor NZ/NZC has the capability to record until 24 channels using a hydrophone cable.

The units of drilling are AGBO and GEFCO and recently FRASTE; this can drill up to 300 m.

The company has two (02) types of all terrain hydraulic Vibrators:

·       Sercel Nomad 65 P wave       : Peak force 62000 lb, rated frequency: 7 – 250 Hz.

·       Inova AHV IV PLS 362 P wave : Peak force 61800 lb, rated frequency: 5 – 250 Hz.

Controlled by two types of electronics VE-432 and the newer VE-464 and also Pelton ADV III,


All of them support the high productivity methods: Slip Sweep, HFVS, ISS, and DS3 and they  check the phase, force, amplitude and distortion in all conditions .


On addition of this, the system GPS was installed on all Vibrators such as NovaTel  integrate module and Thales TDMA  separate module for positioning in real time and tablet for guidance .

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