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Scincus Log solution, work result of expert team and developers which offers all conventional solutions for reliable petrophysical reservoir formation evaluation ; In addition, it has the exclusivity to propose solutions to difficult problems often error sources in the formation evaluation such as the presence of radioactive sandstone.

In our clients projects, the Vshale module of Scincus Log solution has proven its reliability in discrimination between clay and radioactive sandstone.

Our exclusives solutions (patents)

• Vshale Module

• Porosolution Module

• Tortuosity Module

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Scincus Rock is our solution for geomechanic studies. It allows to calculate the elastic module and the different stresses at reservoir formation to determine potential areas for hydraulic fracturing.


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Seismic Reservoir Characterization


Scincus SRC is a complete package, which allows detailed Reservoir Characterization studies in its different stages:

-        Lithological discrimination

-        Fluid Nature & distribution

-        Reservoir quality

Scincus SRC is distinguished by our exclusives solutions issued from patents.

Scincus SRC gives to our Clients answers to the different problems of heterogeneous and complex reservoirs such as:

-        Low resistivity

-        Radioactive sandstone

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