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ENAGEO is the National Company Of Geophysics,
with more than 50 years in research and explore
Hydrocarbons and other mineral substances
in geophysical ways.



ENAGEO Abroad.

ENAGEO, with a rich career history in the service of geophysics, has supported, for more than 50 years, the country's Oil and Gas Industry in an environment becoming highly competitive.

The history shows that ENAGEO is a viable and essential partner in Algeria. In fact, ENAGEO, today and tomorrow, will invest more and more , in accordance with the policy pursued by SONATRACH, in the international markets starting by neighbor countries : MALI, NIGER, LIBYA, TUNISIA, OMAN…etc

Our Clients.


Expert People

Passionate People on Our Teams

ENAGEO has more than 8,000 employees, including 800 highly qualified engineers and technicians. We help them to develop and adapt themselves in a constantly changing work environment.



Reliable Logistics

Supply chain quality, Maintenance, Engineering ...

To ensure quality production on-time delivery from the preparation phase to the end of the project.

Headquarter Address

MailBox 140, Industrial Zone


Ouargla 30500



Phone Number : +213 (0) 29 79 77 00
Fax : +213 (0) 29 79 72 12