ENAGEO's team of highly qualified geoscientists provide integrated synthesis studies in G&G. An expertise of more than 30 years in the Algerian basins and neighbouring countries supported by a number of exclusive solutions guarantee a better evaluation of your reservoir In addition to the software used, patented solutions and a multidisciplinary team of geoscience experts, ENAGEO often exceeds the expectations and needs of its customers by providing them with a quality product in record time. The impressive experience of ENAGEO in the different Algerian basins has made it possible to find solutions adapted to heterogeneous reservoirs such as carbonate and Silico-Clastic, also unconventional reservoirs such as tight and shale. The G&G structure led to many projects which have been the subject of discoveries; several success stories with E&P companies who have trusted us.



Scope of Services :
• Petrophysical Analysis
• Seismic Interpretation
• Conventional Reservoir Characterization
         . Seismic Inversion (stochastic and Deterministic)
         . AVO/AVA Analysis
         . Facies Classification (Vshale, Vmatrix)
         . Water/Oil Contact Plan

• Tight Reservoir Characterization
         . Fracture Density and Orientation

• Utinconventional Reser Charvoiracterizaon
         . Sweet Spot Identification

• 1D/3D Geo-mechanical Modelling
         . Borehole stability
         . Reservoir stability

• Integrate Study
         . Structural Geology
  . Sedimentology
       . Paleo environment
      . Petroleum System
  . Tectonic Phases
   . Basin Modelling
 . Geochemistry​