During the last ten year, ENAGEO has accumulated in Seismic land acquisition and Processing  140.000 Km in 2D Seismic and more than  155.000 Km² in 3D acquisition


In recent years, the industry has seen an increasing use of High-Productivity & Broadband vibroseis survey methods (Slip Sweep, DS4 and Blending acquisition).
ENAGEO has taken the first step by investing in new acquisition technologies, by acquiring a new recording systems that improving the productivity of our crew which provide high quality and high density seismic images, allowing a reduction in costs and delays.
Innovation is one of our core values and we strive to deliver innovative solutions for our partners that bring value to their operations. With reduced downtime, fuel efficiency, and by providing a safer work environment.



New Seismic (Better, Faster, Cheaper)


Using systems with a High-channel count, ENAGEO offers the following HP methods:
• Slip-Sweep;
• Distance Separated Simultaneous Sweeping / Slip-Sweeping (DS3/DS4);
• Dynamic Slip-Sweep;
• Blended seismic acquisition (Simultaneous Source).

However, this requires dealing with many challenges, including rigorous field management, big-data quality control, and harmonics noise removal.

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Our capacities include:
Two (02) Mega-3D-Crews with Full High Density and Full Wide Azimuth.
 More than 100 000 Single digital broadband receivers for Recording System 508XT;
 Heavy Broadband Vibrators;
Associated technologies for quality improvement (SmartLF, ALF-Sweep®);
Quality Control of Big-Data (HPC).

Two (02) Mega-3D-Crews: High Productivity and High Density
 Recording System 428 XL with 60 000 channels, using Giga-transverse, up to 80 000 active channels;
 Broadband Vibrators, Associated technologies (ALF-Sweep®);
 Quality Control of Big-Data (Server Solution).

Four (04) 3D-Crews: High Productivity
Recording System 428 XL with 40 000 channels;
Broadband Vibrators, Associated technologies (ALF-Sweep®);
Quality Control of Big-Data (Server Solution).

Three (03) 2D-Crews
Recording System 428 XL with 4 000 channels;
Associated technologies (ALF-Sweep®).