Seismic Processing

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About US

In a solid chain-like process, our company's units operate collaboratively to provide integrated geosciences solutions with global standards to our partners.
Seismic imaging is a comfortable area for Enageo.
Straight out of the field, raw seismic data comes to our centre to be transformed into an optimal interpretable image of the subsurface, fully responding to the clients needs.


Our policy is based on these assets:

  • Client  focused
  • Time and costs optimization
  • Performance optimization
  • Contiuous expertise grouwth
  • Environmental footprint improvement

Mission & Vision

Our vision is building fundamental and interdependent platforms including strategies, workflow, and technologies able to respond to a large variety of geosciences challenges.Our mission is to be present as a leading company in the O&G industry in the best possible light, with a large variety of smart solutions and partners.


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Work Spirit

We put our large expertise into action to provide integrated services starting from analysing geological challenges, designing the adequate spread, acquiring and processing the data and interpreting the results to finally coming up with prospects and field development plans.
Besides mobilizing qualified staffs of engineers and experts, our seismic data processing center maintains edgy processes and technologies to efficiently and competitively solve any possible geotechnical challenge


To successfully achieve our target in terms of quality and delay, we organize in pro-interdependent teams
Imaging teams: Their mission is the realisation of the seismic processing part of our integrated solution. Advanced processing team: Their mission is the optimization of the workflow to be used by imaging team and providing novel and innovative techniques.
Support team: Their mission is the optimum IT administration of HPC system and production software as well as the integration of new equipments.


Our products are:
Prestack time migrated seismic volumes.
Prestack depth migrated seismic volumes.
High resolution anisotropic velocity model


Today, our processing center capacity covers a total of over 30.000 km² processed area per year dealing with:

Single sensor processing.
High density and high productivity processing.
Wide azimuth processing.
Prestack depth imaging.
Merging multiple seismic campaigns

Wide experience within clastics and carbonate lithologies over all Algerian, Libyan and Niger fields.