Discoveries and Protection of archaeological remains

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Archaeology is among human sciences, the discipline with the strongest importance for the rediscovery, but also for the preservation and protection of cultural heritage, as Humankind’s universal patrimony. That the reason why our company give help and coordinate its great archaeological discoveries with the competent authorities in order to protect the site and the historical and cultural heritage of the region where it operates its seismic exploration.

As part of the search for Hydrocarbons, the National Geophysical Company, discover archaeological sites in different regions of Algeria.

Ours discovery reinforces the idea that the work of geophiscal exploration rubs shoulders with that of archeology, in addition to the discovery of remote regions often unknown in our country, the seismic teams have no shortage of adventures and mysteries in the course of their work.


 20190228 100054    In 2019 We discovered with our Geophysical crew an ancient stone tools in Zone Mazola TFT



 Discovery of archaeological remains in Ouled Hebaba by 240 Crew’s

 A wonderful discovery of archaeological remains of inestimable value and of capital importance for historical research and the study of our ancient civilization, dating back to Roman times and which were discovered at the beginning of May in the town Ouled Hebaba (South of the wilaya of Skikda). Tiles and sculpted stones were thus unearthed during layonnage work carried out by EGS 240 at the ARG08 station 1334 profile on a site which would follow a configuration of Roman baths. Pottery dating back to the 3rd century has also been found in a quarry located in the town of Ouled Hebaba.


    20190228 102323    HOW ENAGEO can Give a help to protect a cultural and historical heritage ?!


  • Report looting and vandalism to Federal land management authorities or your local sheriff.
  • Treat remains of past cultures with respect.
  • Leave artifacts in place
  • Photograph, sketch and enjoy rock art, but do not touch ancient surfaces or designs
  • Get involved in preserving the past by volunteering time and talents.
  • Contact a Authorities, local land managing agency, archaeological society, or state Historic Preservation office.