Knowledge and Expertise Sharing     


It is becoming increasingly important to get involved in causes in order to support innovation and the spirit of sharing rooted in our human culture. In that case, ENAGEO mission’s is to support and bring concrete assistance to participate in the improvement and societal development.          

For this reason, Enageo has already provided significant assistance to academics by realizing a dynamic relationship of a "win-win" partnership between ENAGEO and the university community. This approach aims to strengthen bilateral relations in technical, scientific and technological fields.


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In other way, ENAGEO, seeks the continuous improvement of its performance, is in full expansion in terms of research and development, on the other hand, the university community, in full change, is ready to meet the challenges thanks to the evolution the education system, which makes it possible to adapt innovative strategies in the fields of training and research.                              

The provision by ENAGEO, free of charge, of the licenses of the beta version of the petrophysical software "ScincusLog" for training and research within six (06) Algerian universities (north and south), constitutes the cornerstone of the birth of an innovation hub which aims to be a training, research and technology transfer platform, integrating and supporting the innovation process in the conduct of collaborative projects. The mastery of this software by university students certainly allows them to acquire skills sought after in the operational world, thus offering them assets for a good integration into working life.

By strengthening ties with teachers and students, the Company will easily identify potential candidates and create a pool of engineers, scientists and geophysics and geoscience specialists willing to join ENAGEO (recruiting by sponsorship).