"Great Success Only Comes With Great Ambition"

The strategy that we have adopted for several years, on the path of the Sonatrach group, is now illustrated through concrete and visible results. Our performance continues its exponential growth, the implementation of our improvement projects is progressing rapidly, we are sustaining our international breakthrough, we remain faithful to our pioneering spirit by cultivating the values ​​of know-how, innovation, solidarity and sincerity.

It’s true that some companies around the world are currently embracing the concept of sustainable development, however in ENAGEO it tends more for a global performance. A concept that combines economic performance on one hand and social and environmental concerns on the other.

A company that develops global performance is a company that looks to the future and builds medium-term ratherthan short-term strategies; which involves its employees in its construction, its development, its strategy and, decision-making processes; a company that puts human resources area in its main strategic concerns like employee’s development and employability; develops a structured dialogue between its various stakeholders;  bases its customer and supplier relationships on fair and sustainable ethics; places innovation at the core  of its strategy,  and all this while respecting the  environment ... Are we only on this path? I would even say more, we are fully committed to it and not since today. The commitment to performance that everyone each of us at ENAGEO carries with him is reflected every day in the field.

A true QHSE culture is anchored in the company thanks to the continuous awareness sensitization. Since obtaining integrated certification in 2006, every effort has been made to keep us up to standard and make it a leitmotif. This certification wich witnesses, that we are up to our competitors, should not be taken for granted but allow us to continually question, and be the only guarantee of our development.

Taking charge of our human resource, through concrete and relevant actions aiming its development and fulfillment, is also a major concern, furthermore, a strategic concern. We are aware that people are our main wealth and we will spare no efforts to promote it, whether in terms of remuneration or in esteem and consideration. ENAGEO workers know how to face extreme environments, adapt to them, work in them and achieve the objectives assigned. They will be rewarded and recognized.

Innovation is not left out in our daily commitment. Indeed, ENAGEO has always been aware of the need to evolve, to explore new ways and to push the boundaries of current knowledge, in order to provide the best solutions and services to its customers. Based on this principle, ENAGEO has made the revitalization of its research & development policy one of its priorities.

We are currently carrying out research projects in a wide range of disciplines in geophysics, geoscience, geomechanics and petrophysics. Research work is carried out by experienced staff dedicated to their area of ​​expertise and showing great ingenuity.

In this regard, we have obtained six (06) invention patents in the seismic acquisition and reservoirs characterization field. These patents correspond to the different methods and processes such as the quantitative estimation of the porosity from the acoustic impedances of the longitudinal and transverse waves in compact tanks which obtained in 2013 the 3rd innovation prize in Algeria, where the very first patent, obtained in 2010 for the harmonic noise attenuation method by time-varying filtering with reference.

ENAGEO was also crowned with a patent and 1st innovation prize in Algeria in 2017 with a Method for estimating total organic carbon (COT).

ENAGEO has also designed a powerful software called ScincusLog. This software is a solution for the petrophysical evaluation of wells. In addition to the basic analysis, it offers proprietary solutions to help provide answers to complex reservoir problems.

These technological advances have indeed yielded significant results for our customers to benefit from. Nevertheless, the constant search for innovative solutions and the improvement of products is a daily team effort in which not only internal resources but also external collaborating partners are committed, of which the university community is considered as an essential and relevant partner for that kind of collaboration.

Currently, we are witnessing another evolution, even a real "revolution" of techniques and technologies, in fact, the needs of our Customers are becoming more and more "specialized" and diversified, and the competition more and more present.

Great challenges await us. To meet these challenges and respond to the strategic challenges of the market, ENAGEO is part of a transformation strategy that aims to optimize our organization, modernize our processes and therefore improve the performance of all our activities.

Mr. Tarik ISSOLAH.