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Our Company maintains its policy of strengthening its material, human and financial capacities, with a view to being part of a process of continuous improvement of all of its activities.

The challenge for the Company will be to increase the overall efficiency of its activities through better productivity. The vision for our seismic activities is increasingly oriented towards new technologies, in particular, high productivity, high density and low frequency technologies. This will also help reduce costs and delays and meet client expectations in terms of mapping subtle traps and new seismic themes


In a particularly difficult national and international situation due, on the one hand, to the economic crisis caused by the fall in oil prices, and on the other hand, to the COVID-19 pandemic, and despite their impact, the Company has succeeded to stay the course and remain efficient.

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More flexibility by exploring other opportunities...

The Human Resource is a key factor in the success of the Company's performance, ENAGEO will strive to strengthen its capacity to attract and retain skills by providing them with ongoing training and career development based on merit.

The development of new growth potentials and diversification of the load plan by strengthening activities, other than seismic acquisition...

Adopting a collaborative approach with Partners and integrating package services;

Strengthening the design and development effort of software and workflows and expanding activities to new opportunities;