Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy



Geophysics, the mainspring of ENAGEO, constitutes an essential link in the oil value, motivating it to provide a constant effort for the adaptation of its resources to the context in which it evolves, in sight of constantly improving its performance, in the wake of the policy of the SONATRACH group.

This is how ENAGEO aims to become the leader on the national market in the other activities of portfolio, to strengthem its leading position in seismic acquisition and to gain shares on the international market while being excellent in the HSE field.


To do this, we work to:

  • Develop new growth potential;

  •  Reduce production costs;

  •  Improve the operational and HSE performance of processes;

  •  Catch and retain competent human resources and continuously improve the skills of workers;

  •  Digitize company processes;


      And we are committed to :

  • Prioritize the health and safety of works while ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and pathologies;

  •  Satisfy the requirements of this customers and other relevant interested parties in a logic of mutual interest:

  •  Comply with legal and regulatoy requirements and other requirements to which it has subscribed;

  •  Eliminate hazards and minimize risks to occupational health and safety.

  •  Consult and involve workers and their representatives in matters concerning the occupational health and safety;

  •  Ensure, at all times, the proper functioning and effectiveness of the security systems to guarantee the security of its facilities;

  •  Improves continuously responsiveness to emergency situations in order to minimize the consequences of any undesirable event;

  •  Control the risks and environmental aspects in the context of realization of its projects, through the implementation of appropriate measures to prevent and reduce the regative impacts on health, safety and environment of the surrounding populations;

  •  Develop the leadership of managers to improve the integrated performance of processes;

  •  Put in place systems aimed at controlling the risks and environmental aspects arising from the activities carried out by extemal contractors;

  •  Adopt the best practices for the prevention of pollution and the efficient use of natural resources and energy in order to improve its environmental performances, and ultimately contribute to reduction of carbon footprint;


ENAGEO is relying on everyone to be active player in this policy in order to ensure the continuous improvement of this performance and thus guarantee its performance and thus guarantee its sustainability.

ENAGEO also invites interested parties to adhere to its approach by respecting its rules procedures.

ENAGEO best in the future on an ethical approach which is at the same time economically profitable , socially fair and ecologically responsible